Monday, January 30, 2012

Building On The Rock

In this season of life where my state of contentment shifts like sand under the ocean's tide,  I find myself avidly watching Home and Garden Television shows.  Strange, I know.  Someone could probably write a case study on it.  When we were foreclosed on I would have sworn I'd never, ever wanted to a home owner again.  Now I discover that I may no longer want a house of my dreams but a house of lowered expectations might be okay. . . someday.   A tiny seed of hope arise that God, in his timing, may yet  restore what the locusts have eaten.  (Joel 2:25)   I know that there are many who believe foreclosed homeowners were fools building their houses upon the sand.   I also know we were once good people with reasonable expectations and money in the bank; but we were simply unable to hold back the unexpected tsunami wave that can overtake even nice, normal, reasonable people.   I can only pray that God, in His economy, not man's, will use this for His purpose and glory.   Until then, any building I do will be upon The Rock of Ages.

Rock of Ages - Fernando Ortega

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