Monday, January 9, 2012

Challenged but Talented

I've never been accused of being an artist.   My older brother is one.   Once my 6th grade teacher was hanging student artwork around her classroom and stopped to take a second look at my creation.  "You sure can't draw like your brother!" she declare before moving on.   As you can see, I've never forgotten her hurtful but truthful comment.   As an adult I did pick up a paintbrush and decorated garage sale finds with simple brushstrokes and decoupage.   Some time later I was browsing an expensive antique mall and found a chair I had painted and resold with an expensive price tag and a description of a "primitive" child's chair. Suddenly I felt talented!  You can be sure I told my brother about it.   This can serve as a warning for what antiques you purchase and a reminder that God has given a measure of creative abilities to each of us.   We may not always recognize what that is but we can know we are made in the image of the God of all creation.   So here is a painting by a talented artist for my sister who makes wonderful blackberry pies.   She picks the berries in season then freezes them to make pies for the holidays.  I do appreciate her giftedness.  

Take a moment to praise the God from whom all blessings flow.

Doxology - David Crowder Band

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