Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Because He Lives

Rembrandt - Raising of The Cross
Rembrandt - Descent From The Cross

Rembrandt painted himself into both of these works.   He is the man in the blue cap helping to raise the cross of Jesus, and he is also the penitent man sobbing as the body of his Lord is lowered from the cross. It makes me believe we will be enjoying Rembrandt's newest works in Heaven, perhaps in the mansions Jesus is preparing for us.  Can you imagine how good they'll be?  It's a bit mind blowing.   As we approach Easter, it helps to remember that our lives don't end here.  We will live an eternity with our Savior.   Because he lives, we can face tomorrow.   The thing is to live our tomorrows prepared should Jesus say, "Come Home."

Because He Lives - David Crowder Band

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