Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Small Things, Big God

Today has been the day of lost things, yes, just things, but replaceable only through effort, paperwork and fees.  It's  irritating, and will threaten my peace if allowed to grow into a bigger calamity than it really is.   Then there's my old computer that's running so slowly that I could write this with more ease with a quill pen, a pot of ink and paper.   Irritating yes, as I imagine a thousand hackers and more big brothers than I could possibly use laboring feverishly in the inner workings of this old laptop, to do me ill will.   Maybe it's good that I write under the cover of the weeping willow tree which hides this little house even from Google Earth.   So I'll upload another image with a verse that reminds me what I should never lose, mercy and truth; and, if I write them on the tablet of my heart, I won't.
A song of encouragement:  All Together Separate, "It Will Be Worth It All"

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