Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jesus is My All

As wonderful as I may think I am, I'm not all that; at least I'm not all save for what Jesus has done for and in me.   God doesn't need me…well...because He's God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth…and even me; but oh how I need Him!  Anyone who has ever had a two-year-old child offer to help in a task knows that the you will expend more effort letting the child help rather than simply doing it yourself; but, because you love that child and want to see him grow and mature, you let him help.  I think that my own puny efforts to do stuff for God must make me much like to Him what that two year old is to me.  True life begins when I am living for Christ and not for myself.  
Again, I am up too late and must close before my face rudely meets my keyboard.  

"All That Thrills" - West Coast Revival. 

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