Sunday, November 12, 2017

Traveling Mercies Redux

Proverbs 3:23-26 The Message (MSG)

Never Walk Away
21-26 Dear friend, guard Clear Thinking and Common Sense with your life;
    don’t for a minute lose sight of them.
They’ll keep your soul alive and well,
    they’ll keep you fit and attractive.
You’ll travel safely,
    you’ll neither tire nor trip.
You’ll take afternoon naps without a worry,
    you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep.
No need to panic over alarms or surprises,
    or predictions that doomsday’s just around the corner,
Because God will be right there with you;
    he’ll keep you safe and sound.
Sometimes snow isn't funny, although I do like this Peanuts cartoon.  I don't always read The Message Bible, although I do like this passage from it.  Last weekend we were at the young man who doesn't want to be blogged about's university.  As he was driving his mom and dad, the snow started falling in earnest.  Then a car going the opposite direction on the highway suddenly slid in front of us!  I remember saying, "This is happening," as we slid off the road and down an embankment.  I think it was about 20 feet down but I do know it was far enough down for me to pray, "Lord help us!" four times over before we came to a stop in a farmer's field.  
Our young man took control of the car and the situation.  (All his years of playing Mario Kart really paid off!)  He wanted to first know if we were alright.   (We were except for maybe an overload of adrenaline with me.)  He spoke with the other driver, upset but alright, who was calling down to us from the highway.  He called 911 as he hiked out looking for a mile marker for the dispatcher; and, in doing so, found us a way out of the field.  Then after reporting in with the state patrol officer, he got back in the driver's seat and drove us over that rutted, snow covered path onto the highway.  Because we were not at fault,  the officer returned my son's license and the car's registration and sent us on our way.  He said it was lucky we didn't roll, I think it was God and it was God working in the life of our young man.  
I may have to stop calling him a young man because I know now he's a fully grown, mature adult.  And I'm his mom, who may need a good nap.

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