Monday, March 27, 2017

Rend My Heart

Hosea 6:6 New English Translation (NET Bible)
6 For I delight in faithfulness, not simply in sacrifice;
I delight in acknowledging God, not simply in whole burnt offerings.

Psalm 51:16-17New English Translation (NET Bible)
16 Certainly you do not want a sacrifice, or else I would offer it;
you do not desire a burnt sacrifice.
17 The sacrifices God desires are a humble spirit—
O God, a humble and repentant heart you will not reject.

I was disappointed today when I couldn't upload a lovely new song by Selah, "Broken Ladders."  Sometimes that happens with copyright laws and it really is okay; but I was still disappointed that my efforts were for naught, or so I thought.  Sometimes the process is what is important to God not the result.  What is it that he wants to do in me?  What does He want me to learn?  It needed to be something more than a time filler, while my husband was deep into watching "March Madness" on the television, and in the making it did become so.  I spent time with God, and that's never a waste.  So I shall rend my heart and not my garments and turn to the Lord my God.  

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