Friday, August 12, 2016

In His Hands

I don't think there's any way for those of us who don't have Alzheimer's disease to understand what it's like, just as there seems to be no way for those afflicted to explain it.  My mother said as much on our last visit to her home in the memory care facility.  This woman who loved taking her large brood on road trips, managing the maps and serving as navigator while my father drove, who loved just loading us in the car and taking Sunday drives, now struggles to find her way to the dining room.  Her new maps are directions on post it notes, that she tucks in the sleeve of her sweater, just in case.  When my brother tried to treat her to a car ride she only wanted to return to her new home, "I just can't explain it!" she told me.  
She knows her Lord and He knows her and that is enough.  The God who has kept her safe thus far will surely lead her home.

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