Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wisdom Gems

Tanzanite Crystal

When reading the Bible, a good  habit to get into, or to stay in, is to search for what God has to say to you in the passage. The criticism of doing this is that things can easily get ripped out of context, or you may read into the Bible what you want it to say. Still, if we ask God to speak to us, would he refuse to do so?

As an example, I Chronicles 14 has David leading a fight with the Philistines. In verse 10 and again in verse 14 (two different battles) he consults with God as to what to do. Both times God answers him. This could be easily overlooked as one tries to read through the long texts in the Old Testament. But what I see is that David sets an example for us to follow, to consult God. What God is saying to me here is to not leave God out when making decisions. Honor him and help oneself by accessing His wisdom.

Not a lot of in-depth study is involved in the above example. To me, the message for me from God is laying right there on the surface, like a gemstone exposed to just pick up.

I hope you find gems of your own.

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