Saturday, November 28, 2015

Love Does No Wrong

Love does no wrong to anyone, so love satisfies all of God's requirements. Romans 13:10

In Bible study today we were discussing the need for love to be the underlying disposition of our lives. It should be the response we tend to exhibit in a given situation. 

For example, if a family heirloom plate falls and breaks, how do I respond? 
(This did recently happen.) It is amazing how events can bring our underlying attitudes to the surface, like a submerged buoy that has been pushed underwater no longer, but rockets to the surface and beyond.  Possibly worse yet are the mistakes on which we can blame no one but ourselves, thereby surfacing self-dislike.

As in I Cor. 13, Paul pushes love to the foreground, saying that if we can major on it, other commands and even other qualities fall into place, which is, in the background.

by beanscot's husband

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