Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My God Who Carries Me

My mother-in-law was a busy homemaker, a lovely hostess, an exceptional quilter and an accomplished athlete, at least she was before age and the ravages of Parkinson's Disease left her trapped in an uncooperative body.   It was hard on her to come to such an abrupt halt, surviving her husband and a son before going home to Jesus herself.  I know that some would have questioned her quality of life and believed in her right to die.  That choice has even been written into law, but not into God's law.  There's no life that's a burden to my Jesus and neither should there be to me.  If I measure a person's value by what they can do, especially what they can do for me, then I am the one who falls woefully short.  I need to be poured out before I can be filled again.  I need to love as Jesus would.  May we all give each other the burden of love.    

"Will You Love Me In the Winter" - Brian Doerksen

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