Monday, August 17, 2015

God Ideas or Good Ideas

So my God gave me the idea to call together all the leaders of the city, along with the ordinary citizens, for registration. Nehemiah 7:5

Just before this, in verse 4, Nehemiah commented on the underpopulation of Jerusalem following the rebuilding of the wall. This idea from God is an answer to this situation.

How did Nehemiah know that God had given him the idea? Or do all good ideas come from God?

I have lots of ideas. I wish I could confidently label them as from or not from the Lord. Then I would know which ones to act on. As it is, I get caught up on indecision, sometimes for a long while, not sure if the idea is good or if God would bless it. I am not sure of my own discernment of the quality of my ideas.

I suppose I could get busy and list the qualities a God-idea should have. That sounds like work, but I suppose such ideas don't appeal to my pride. They advance God's priorities in this world (I recall Gary Friesen's book Decision Making and the Will of God -- how he said decisions should be based on whether or not they are spiritually expedient. They allow for God to get the glory. They should be big enough to require God's involvement. Like I said, sounds like work. How about flipping a coin?

I like to think God gives us more ideas than we credit Him for. I mean, we often think on a human plane, not a divine one. We often pat each other on the back, when it was God all the time. May God grant us wisdom to make the God vs. human columns come out right.
by beanscot's husband

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