Monday, June 18, 2012

"I have had enough, Lord," he said

This partial verse is from I Kings 19:4, where Elijah is dejectedly sitting under a broom tree after running for his life from Jezebel. He had recently been the agent of God's dynamic display over Baal worship on Mt. Carmel. However, he apparently sees it will do little long term good for the spiritual state of the nation, and he is ready to throw in his prophetic towel.

I can identify with him. For some time I have been developing a relationship with a co-worker who has a different church background from mine. By faith and my own wits I have been trying to discern if this person really knows the Lord or not, and respond with whatever I can to encourage the person to get closer to God. I am possibly down to a couple of days before we may become out of touch, and I am ready to tell the Lord that I am too tired to be His agent even for a couple of days. And I also ask the question if I am doing any long term good.  In short, I feel that I have had enough.

Still, I do want to be like the flashlight, making it possible for the person to see the key features of being a real Christian and act on them. I figure that is why I cross paths with some people.

In Elijah's case, he was revived physically, directed to Mt. Horeb, and told there was more for him to do. Restored and encouraged, he went on until he passed his mantle to Elisha.

For all I know, I may have more than a couple of days of contact left, but I feel I can't act as though this will be the case. I hope it is,  because I have a fear of falling short. Maybe there is more to do. You can pray for me.

Written by beanscot's husband, who also lives in the little house under the weeping willow tree.

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