Sunday, June 17, 2012

The unpredictability of God

The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning, and bread and meat i the evening, and he drank from the brook. I Kings 17:6

I am Beanscot's husband, again guest writing.

This verse describes God's creative provision for Elijah, after he proclaimed a famine. God was providing food and drink, and I figure also hiding him from Ahab, who ruled Israel at the time, and doubtless was displeased at Elijah's proclamation. After the Brook Kerith dries up, he goes to the widow of Zarephath, and more miracles occur.

No, Elijah wasn't benched, and he wasn't in trouble with God. He had done his job, and now needed to lay low and watch God show that He was in charge, not Baal.

God wants to show that He is the provider. For us, that may mean "outside the box" work on God's part. As long as our needs are met, do we care how God does it? I think that the unusual nature of His provision is a telltale sign that He is behind it. It reminds us that God is providential and in charge. "Normal" means for meeting temporal needs don't always make that point as well. I mean, most of the Israelites were farming and trading, not scanning the sky for some unusual deliveries by birds. And, I suppose, neither should we, but Elijah's experience is a prime example of how limitless God is and unpredictable He can be. After all, He is attentive to our needs.

"God Will Take Care of You" - Plumb

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