Sunday, November 20, 2011

Count Your Blessings

I never knew anyone that liked babies as much as you.   It makes me wonder if you have nursery duty in Heaven.  Have you been holding all of your unborn grandchildren, the babies that went straight from the womb to God?   I was reminded in church this morning of the need to count my blessings.   How many times did you count us?  I remember when the bridge toll taker tried to count all of your children as we bounced around in the car and then just charged you a reasonable toll.   (How you could have ever gotten us all in the Packard if seat belt laws had been in effect?)  You were a man who counted his riches in his children and not his bankbook. 
Thank you for the blessing you yet provided today.   Yes, Mom gave away the car!   You have a happy grandson.   I still agree with you all the times you said you married the best sister of the lot.  She was and is a keeper!

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