Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

My thoughts have been on my dad this Veteran's Day.   He drove his ammunition truck onto Utah Beach December 7th,  1944, something he was supposed to have done on December 6th, D-Day, but was delayed by how hard it was to take the beach.  I remain thankful to those men who fought and died that day to secure a safe landing for my father.   I'm thankful to God for the father I had.  He didn't have a saving knowledge of the Lord when he went to war.    My grandmother knew that and prayed that God wouldn't take him until he knew Jesus.   God gave her an assurance that he would not take her child until he was His child also.  When Dad drove his ammunition truck under the eyes of the German guns, he didn't know then why they didn't fire.   He knows now.   He's gone home.

By the way, Dad, I forgive you for giving me that bowl cut that made me look like Mo from The Three Stooges.  Yes, it wasn't the best look for a girl but times were tight, and I know now you were doing the best you could.  

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