Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lessons from the Flannelgraph Board

The Sunday School teachers of my childhood knew well how to keep my attention in class through the miracles of the flannel graph board and the Bible pictures that would bring my God to life.   Yes, I was still taught to "hide God's Word in my heart," but those pictures. . . those pictures. . . would have me delighted that my God was just so amazing!   Onward, Christian Soldiers, indeed!   I was thrilled to be in God's Amy.   Now I wonder when and why I let the thrill march away from me to be replaced by a desire for comfort and safety, a longing for a God who lives to take care of me, to keep the Goliaths away.   When did I become so afraid?   Have I forgotten God's promises?  Have I forgotten just how big my God is?    May it never be.

God, help me to be a steely-eyed Bible woman, ready to serve your every bidding.  

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