Friday, November 18, 2011

Let All God's People Say Amen

"It's snowing!   It's snowing!" cried the delighted young boy as the meeting broke up tonight.   Yes, it's snowing.   I'm glad to be home now where it's warm and dry.  I miss the house we lost to foreclosure but I'm grateful for the home we have.   We are sheltered and together.   God did not provide in the way I wanted but who am I to question God?    Yes, who am I?  Was not God supposed to provide a miracle so that I would have a grand testimony to share?   See, even as I write my rebelliousness floats to the surface.

I've been thinking much on the word, amen.   It's more than than a sign off for a prayer.   It's more than a word to shout in a service.   To say amen in truth, I must be in agreement with God.   Yes, God, it is true.   It is so.   So be it.   There is no peace in rebellion, but there is a grand and glorious peace in agreement with my Maker.    I found this on when looking for a definition of the word.

"Acutally it stems from Aramaic -

Which translated means -

Sealed in trust, faith and truth - which is much more beautiful to say out loud (Sealed in trust, faith and truth) until you fully understand what Amen means - "

Until that day, Amen, Lord, Amen.

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