Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mine! All Mine!

This little house under the willow tree is still too full of stuff.  It has me wondering what I can and should let go of next.   Even though we lost much when we lost our house; it doesn't take much to fill such a tiny house.  Foreclosure may have cured me of the desire to accumulate more.   I don't shop for recreation and I no longer go garage sailing, as I used to call it.   While gazing upon my pretty things, I was in danger of losing sight of what is truly important, my relationship with my Savior.   I don't know if I'll ever live in a large home again before I move into my promised mansion in Heaven; but, if I am so blessed, I pray that I'll fill it with God's love.  Such a love it is!   Because of His love He gave His only Son to redeem a sinful world.   Because Jesus allowed his hands and feet to be pierced by nails for me, I will be His hands and feet while I yet have breath. With empty hands, open arms, and bare feet, I can dance with my Father.

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