Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cowboys and Baby Boomers

Do you remember when you told me that one day you were going to take off the back of the TV and clean out all the dead cowboys?   The picture that put in my head of little cowboys falling out of the TV set was pretty incredible, a bit scary, and a more than a little awesome!   Of course, I figured that you were kidding.   You were kidding, right, Dad?   If not, are there tiny little cowboys running around Heaven?   Now I'm kidding, Dad.  If you tried that joke now you'd have to explain how cowboys could fit in a flat screen TV or even a tablet computer.  The magic of television isn't quite the same anymore.   I miss Walt Disney and his "Wonderful World of Color,"  Roy Rogers and Dale Evans,   Superman, Lassie,  and The Lone Ranger.   Happy Trails, Dad.    Hi-Yo, Silver, Away!  

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