Monday, December 5, 2011

A Shiny Brite Christmas

I like this image, having grown up near the sea and in a rainy clime.    Since I'm still in a dilemma of how to fit our Christmas tree in this little house under the large weeping willow,  it gives me hope.   I've been a collector of ornaments since I was a young woman,  after the  first time I saw a fabulous, well decorated tree.   We always had big trees growing up but there was no money to splurge on decorations.  We hung dime store tinsel with care since it would be used again the following Christmas.   Dad even flocked a few of our trees, but still we pulled out the same old Christmas balls.   It's funny,  how dearer what was once mundane becomes as I grow older.   I have a treasured box of Shiny Brite ornaments from the 1940's, a thrift store find, that gets a special display every year.   That coffee table I used to display them on is gone now, after being warped in the rain.   Never mind,  I also don't have the living room that held the coffee table either.   Life goes on.  God remains good.  The Light of the World lives in my heart.

Dad,  I've been thinking about you again today.  I loved how you took us out into the woods to find a Christmas tree.  It probably wasn't easy getting that many children to decide on one tree, but we did, and if not perfect, it was always close enough.  Don't think I didn't figure out why I always got assigned to hang the tinsel on the back bottom of the tree, the spot that no one could see.   Hanging tinsel is not and never will be part of my skill set.  
Soon you'll celebrate your second Christmas in Heaven.   It must be wonderful.   Are angel baristas there?   There must be in your Heaven.   I used to enjoy fixing you a cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream and sugar.   It was your comfort and my joy to serve you.  This video was for you, Dad.  

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