Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rescued By Love

Oh, to be a cat now that winter is here!   As I write my cat is crying her complaint over the heat vent shutting off near the chair she is sitting on.   Soon it will come on again, and she will rest satisfied that it has obeyed her command.   One of the blessings of this little house under the weeping willow tree is that our pets have been allowed to join us.   Animal shelters have also been hit hard by the foreclosure crisis.     I'm not sure how well I would have borne giving up our small pack.  I am thankful it wasn't asked of me.

Our pets actually seem happier in this house with a large fenced yard.  Our old cat who once spent all of her days resting on a pillow on the end of our bed can't hardly wait to be let outside and then back inside, out and in most of the day, unless otherwise engaged in comfort seeking.  Her amazing ability to hold onto a human lap has led me to call her a Klingon aka Cling On.   Then there's my son's dog, a former pound puppy,  who has cheerfully and literally stepped up to the plate in this house without a garbage disposal or dishwasher.   Earlier today I saved a pan of homemade shortbread my husband brought home from work from going to the dog.
Our God is in the rescue business.   He rescues the lost, the hurt and the suffering, sinners who need a Savior.  He shelters all who come to Him.  Love rescued me.

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