Friday, December 9, 2011

Forever Blowing Bubbles

Do you remember when you thought blowing bubbles was a wonderful activity thought up by your genius of a mom to entertain you and your siblings, before you learned that bubbles could be purchased in a plastic jar complete with a bubble wand attached to its lid?  It must have been something a mom invented!  After that ran out, you learned how to refill the jar with your mom's dish soap and a bit of water.   Then, believing that kids were geniuses, you ran your mom out of dish soap. which would magically reappear when it was time for dishwashing, done by you and your siblings and not your mom.  These pictures tell me instead that I should bow to the generations of genius moms, who managed to keep their children and their dishes clean.    
Shine on, Mom.  Shine on.

Dad,   When your daughters begged you for a dishwasher and you would always say, "What do I need a dishwasher for when I have a house full of them."   It was a big day when that store bought dishwasher came into our house!   You'd might be amused to know that this little house I occupy under the weeping willow tree doesn't have a dishwasher.    Did you know that I would need all the early practice for this time in my life?   It's definitely bringing back memories.  I don't think you ever knew that two of your daughters made it a race to see how fast they could get the dishes done.   It was good not to know when you were eating off those dishes.

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