Saturday, September 20, 2014

To The Hills

My dear, tired husband was working one of his three jobs today giving me time to upload another song to Youtube by Julie Lee, an artist that is new to me.  I did love her song based on Psalm 121, but I spent so much time working on it that I neglected to go outside on this beautiful day and look up to the hills, mountains really, in my town's backyard.  I really should have torn myself away from the computer to do so.  One needs to look up to keep from looking down.    When I was a girl I used to be told to get my nose out of a book and get outside and play.  For that reason I usually sought out private places to read, a hard thing to find in a large family.  As I write my husband is trying to entice me away from the computer to watch a football game he had taped earlier to watch tonight.  Perhaps I should because it would please him; and that's reason enough.  

Unto the Hills - Julie Lee

It's so much easier now that we have tablet computers!

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