Monday, October 6, 2014

Fear Not

A discussion of flu shots at work lead to our fears of Ebola.  Children watching the news are afraid of beheadings, actually adults are too, if we'd be honest.  I remember how afraid I was as a small child during the Cuban Missile Crisis, afraid of the atomic bomb and afraid of the Russians.   After the planes crashed into the twin towers my son and his tiny schoolmates expressed fear over going outside lest a plane should fall on them.  Anyone watching the news would believe that we have an abundance of things to fear but still God says, "Fear not."  I can wish He followed that with a promise to banish all scary things from my door but He didn't; instead He promised His strength and help, His presence and His victorious right hand.   No matter how high and how strong we think we have built them, our personal borders will fall and bad things will happen.  Take heart and take His hand.  Remember who your God is and stand your ground.
Fernando Ortega - How Firm A Foundation

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