Monday, February 20, 2012

Band of Brothers

I discovered a TV channel today that was running back to back episodes of the "Band of Brothers' television series.  I don't normally go out of my way to watch the series but when I stumble upon it, as I did today, I feel compelled to watch it.   We should all bear witness for that greatest generation as so many of them are leaving us now.   The episode depicting Hitler's final solution and the liberation of a concentration camp reminds me of the little my father was able to share with me about what he saw.   I believe the camps became a part of my father that he took with him to the day he died.   It amazes me that there are still those who deny the Holocaust happened.   If they could have seen my father's eyes as he told his story, they would have known it to be true.   One day Jesus will deal with Satan and all the evil he has loosed upon this earth.    Until that time, bear witness.

Gone Home - Ricky Skaggs