Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's Good To Have a Brother

I came into the family as my brother's fifth sister, not really what he wanted.   As much as he may have wanted me to believe I was adopted, we looked too much alike for that rumor to hold water.   Growing up I learned that a brother may look after you because Mom told him so, but he could devise creative ways of doing so.   I do recall once being stuck in a tree in front of the neighborhood haunted house and being told not to move until he got back.   I didn't move and he did come back for me.   I guess it was his way of teaching how to trust and overcome fear.   Now that we're all grown up. . . sort of. . . I've discovered a depth of love I didn't know was there.   He's a good man, son, father, brother and uncle.  My son loves him and that touches my heart.  

On a return ferry ride from Seattle, I was watching boys playing in the windy air outside.   I wistfully asked my husband if he didn't want to join them, even though I knew he'd rather stay warm.   Then, like an unexpected gift, my brother walked out on deck his head tilted into the wind.  With great delight my son and I called out his name and joined him on deck with my husband following.   I enjoyed watching Uncle and Nephew laughing together while we braved the wind.   It may have even warmed my husband too in spirit if not in body.    

It's good to have a brother.   I'm ever so thankful that I can call Jesus, Brother, and He calls me Sister.   My husband, son and brother also love Jesus and that touches my heart.  

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