Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love Me Tender

I have found myself a little melancholic this week after learning the new owners of our foreclosed home are changing everything I liked about it, even the special things I added to it.   I know the house is no longer mine, that they can do as they please, but still it hurts.   It's one of those weeks when I would dearly love to have direct and personal comfort from God, hence the picture of the angel delivering flowers.   There are times when I'd like a note from God on my pillow telling me how He loves me.  Actually I do have that, it's God's Word.   It is more than enough.   Be happy, I tell myself for the plentiful toad stools and moss that flourish in this little house under the weeping willow.   My Creator made them also.   Still  flowers and maybe even a heart shaped box of chocolates would go a long way.

Love Me Tender - Beth Nielsen Chapman

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