Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where Two or Three Are Gathered

If the church doors were open my parents would have us there, especially my mother.   An earnest, still new Christian she was determined to raise her children under God's approval.   They really couldn't leave a child at home when our babysitters, our oldest siblings, were to be taken to church as well.   As a result I often found myself the youngest in a prayer group, even when that group was made of young people.   I learned early how to pray in a group, fingering my assigned prayer request written on a slip of paper, until it was my turn to blurt out my prayer.   Shy by nature, I unfortunately found praying in groups to be a scary thing.   I've matured.   I can usually overcome that twinge of fear that accompanies being asked to pray.   Jesus understands the fear and His presence is good and comforting.  I find it especially sweet when praying together with my family, knowing God is in our midst.   I even believe I fell in love with my husband while listening to him pray.   It truly is good when two or more gather together to pray.
God of Mercy - Lou Fellingham

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