Monday, February 27, 2012

The Whales Will Come

I love this beach on the Pacific Ocean, an easy day's ride from home.  I find nothing better than standing alone facing a wide expanse of ocean to think about how big my God is.  As I tell my husband, it restores my soul.
This may have been my parents' favorite place to camp.   Come early in the morning and low tide will find the beach full of clam diggers.   Stay until sunset and be rewarded with this view.   In the mean time smell the salt air, let the children and dogs romp and play, then plan on a good lunch that always tastes better eaten outdoors.   One summer many years ago, I was working the dining room of the restaurant.   It was currently in chaos, unfortunately, and the visitors were restless.   Then the whales came!   I'm not sure who noticed first, but soon every person not working was pressed near the windows to get a view of the magnificent creatures.   In the meantime order was restored in the restaurant.   I find myself thinking about this occasionally when things seem spinning out of control.   Trust God to send in the whales or whatever else He has handy.   God is so good.   He is a God of order.
I wish I had a video, but I'll just recommend a sweet and funny song by Claire Holley, "Waiting for the Whales" on her Dandelion album.   In the meantime here's another song by Miss Holley, "Higher Ground."

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