Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bright Morning Stars and One Not So Bright Blogger

Last week I uploaded to YouTube "The Unclouded Day"   Today it's "Bright Morning Stars" by The Wailin' Jennys.   I'm beginning to suspect that I may not upload a rain song until sometime this summer, such has been our rainy winter.   My little house under the willow tree which must have been built before legal zoning, sits clear to the back of the yard flush with the alley.   It's a bit like living in a hobbit house in the shire since it's a low roofed house tucked among the trees.   Today with my husband and the young man living in my house, who does not want to be named, off to a state wrestling tournament I saw little need to get dressed, especially since I'm warding off another virus.   I was spending time at my computer, located within a rolling swivel chair distance from our front door with its nine window panes, looking up bright morning star images, when I was surprised by the mailman.   I was still in my nightgown and caught unawares!   There he was with a package that didn't fit in our mailbox.   Our intrepid mailman managed his way in the rain, through our latched gate, and down a mud and grass trail between the trees to find me.   I understand that the postal service has been suffering financially so I should admire such service.  I still wish, however, that I had been decently attired.   I can now add my mailman to the list of people that I hope won't recognize me in a public setting.
Unfortunately, I had to remove the Wailin' Jennys version of "Bright Morning Stars" so I'll replace it with the wonderful Gillian Welch.

Bright Morning Stars - Gillian Welch

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