Thursday, March 29, 2012

Precious Memories

I was watching a news show tonight about a little family video that went viral and became a family money maker.   I did feel a twinge of envy and a wish that the young man, who lives with me and doesn't want to be blogged about, could be small and cute again just long enough for me to make my own viral video.   Well that's not going to happen, although there is a possibility that he could make money filming his strange, aging parents.   I do fear that with all the recording devices available that one day we will miss the fun of oral storytelling, those family stories that get better with every telling, allowing for extra funny flourishes and embellishments.   I do so enjoy gathering around a table and laughing over the shared memories and "do you remembers" that I hope it will be a part of my Heaven.    I'm sure Noah would have some good ones to tell about what happened on the Ark!   It would have been terrific to have recorded a cousin laughing so hard at the kids' table over my brother's joke story that milk streamed through his nostrils in a wide arc, but it's still a lovely, amusing memory, even if it can't be monetized on Youtube.   Then again now that I've discovered how easy it is to record with my iPad,  I'm keeping it handy.   You just never know with my family...

Precious Memories - Patty Loveless

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