Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Safely Hidden in God

I was impressed and moved by the story of the mother who sheltered and saved her two children while a tornado tore apart her Indiana home, losing parts of both legs crushed in the debris, while her children emerged without a scratch.   I've also wept over stories of families losing their lives as the wind blew them apart.  Having once lived in this country's tornado alley I'm familiar with being waking to the sounds of a tornado siren and carrying my then small son into the bathtub while my husband lifted up a mattress to cover us if needed.    When my son was old enough to understand the danger,  we would pray and tell him of God's loving care.   He would ask how we knew that we would be safe and only in my head I would answer, "Child, don't you know that the tornado would have to take me before it could get to you?"   I knew that would be so, but I wasn't going to frighten him by the thought that he might lose his parents to the wind.   Through every tornado siren we remained safe from the whims of a storm that might take one house or one neighborhood and skip the next.   If parents are willing to do whatever to save their children, how much more does our Heavenly Father do for us?   While on this earth bad things will happen, but we are hidden safely in God.   We will never leave His hands on either side of eternity.

He Hideth My Soul - Brian Free & Assurance

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