Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Shout Out to Mom

I've seen my mother's world shake, but I've never seen my mother's faith in God shaken.   She encourages me when I need encouraging.   I spoke today with her and came away sure that our God can do anything.   I know He can do anything, such as when I whine, "God, you could have saved our house but you didn't!"   Mom lets me know that God didn't want us in that home because He has better things for us.   He does?   Wow!  Thanks, Mom!   When one of her babies was close to dying from whooping cough and she was being warned to prepare herself,  she chose to listen to God instead.   This baby that she considered a gift from God, because she was born on her spiritual birthday, would not be taken from her, and she wasn't.   She recovered, thrived, and blesses us all.   When God saw fit to move  them from a cramped house into a large Victorian era home even though they had no money for a down payment or a bank loan to offer, she thought the house had room for another baby, perhaps a boy.  It wasn't long before she was bringing home her seventh baby from the hospital.  As it says in Isaiah 54, Mom enlarged the place of her tent, lengthened her cords and strengthened her stakes.   
God bless my mother,  who has set her feet on your path and has never turned back.

He Rescued Me - Red Mountain Church

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