Tuesday, April 10, 2012

God Writes My Book

I first felt it on Easter morning during the sunrise service, not only did the sun rise but it also warmed!   We citizens of the rain forest lifted our faces to the sun as well as the Son and we were grateful.   Today it shined again and the pets and I stepped out of this little house under the weeping willow tree and went out into the yard where I sat and read while they reveled.   Tonight my husband had a baseball game on TV, so it must be true, Spring is here.   We have survived the third wettest winter since such things were recorded, although I doubted at times that we would.  This area of the country became somewhat famous because of the "Twilight" book series and subsequent movies, but I have never read the books or watched the movies not wanting to invest time in a teenage vampire.   Apparently the author of the books thought our rainy days would be healthy environment for a vampire.  Today I'm reading a Ted Dekker book on my Kindle app.   One thing about electronic readers that it's harder to turn to the last page of the book to find out how it turns out.   I've been known to do that, especially with books that are hard to put down.   I've been impatient with God, in the same way,  when He has me in His refining fire.   I want to know when and how it's going to end.   I would be much better off to let His plans for me to unfold as He wills.   He is the author of the book of my life and He will do as he promises.      His strength is sufficient.   His love keeps and completes me.
I like this song by Gungor.

Gungor - Please Be My Strength

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