Sunday, April 22, 2012

Presenting The Right Face

I look at this cat and see the face I've made as a teacher to keep a boisterous child in line.   I also see the face I've made as a mother to reverse my child's course of direction.   It's a effective face when used sparingly and out of love.   When it's the only face, however, that others see, it can destroy your testimony for Christ.   My father used to joke about how he used to see how Christians, women in particular, wore long black dresses and their hair in tight buns, and he did not care to be numbered among them.   It's good that God waited until he had a beautiful, young wife who knew how to wear lipstick before He brought them both to Himself.
I do have a great affection for cats but maybe it's better to put on a happy dog face if I want others to know the joy of knowing Jesus.   It's just my late night meandering thoughts as I continue to occupy this little house under the weeping willow, as a contended dog snores on a rug at my feet, while the cat claims the most comfortable place in the room.  I want to be a lipstick wearing,  dogface soldier in the Lord's army.

"When The Saints" - Sara Groves

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