Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Beautiful!

I'm not sure why I chose this image for tonight, except that it's sweet.  I do remember the joy of wearing patent leather shoes with white anklets, and if the anklets socks were trimmed in lace that was even better.   It could make one glad to go to church in order to wear pretty shoes.   It's  been many Easters, however, since I last wore pretty shoes.   A slip down a flight of stairs while wearing new shoes caused a broken ankle that didn't heal properly and destined me to a life of athletic footwear, New Balance shoes, in particular.   Most of the time I do enjoy being excused from wearing pretty shoes and proper hosiery and embrace my  casual wardrobe;  but, when Easter comes, I miss what I lost.   God knows all these things; and, in HIs eyes, I'm pretty, beautiful even.   I'm hoping there will be white, frilly socks and mary janes in Heaven.

"You're Beautiful" - Mercy Me

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