Monday, May 21, 2012

A Mostly Happy Mother

Psalm 113:9 (NIV)
He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD.
Okay,  I admit it, I'm not always a happy mother, especially not like this one as she washes dishes by hand.   If I had my way, we'd be eating frozen meals or take out on paper plates just to avoid the dishes!   I really, really miss a dishwasher.  I do like being a mother, gratefully so, after years of infertility.  As the young man who lives in my house and doesn't want to be blogged about marches towards high school graduation, I want to wail at losing my baby!   We will still have his dog, though, when our son goes off to college, and he has a pretty good baying cry.   We will be able to cry in chorus, I suppose, as we both suffer from empty nest syndrome.  

I came home the other day and found the dog baying on the front porch stoop.   He had somehow gotten left outside after his master left for school.   I called his name as I approached him but I don't think he heard over his whooooooooing.    I called his name one more time as I stepped up to the porch and he nearly jumped out of his fur!  Did I scare him into believing he'd have to be a guard dog for real?     His shaggy fur has grown over his eyes again, so I'm not sure he could really see me.   He's getting clipped next week.

I do love this loyal dog who helped raise my son perhaps more than his parents.  He came to us from the pound after my son and I spent much time in prayer for a dog that would be his very own dog.   He has been beside him since the day we brought him home, love at first sight, and a clear answer to prayer.   My son has been a good master too taking responsibility for his own.   

Just a mother's ramblings tonight as I continue to occupy this little house under the weeping willow tree.

This song, "Prayer" is by Hayley Westenra.

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