Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Sunday!

Go to where God is.  I went to Saturday Night Service tonight because my husband has been working Sundays.  It's held in a building in the middle of downtown.  The stairs leading to the service are often used by homeless men as a place to rest.  Tonight as I crossed the parking lot, I watched as one of the men in our church stopped to talk to one such man.  Not only did he talk to him, he also offered his hand and lifted him up off the stairs and walked with him into church.  I next saw him in the church foyer sitting eye to eye with the man, as he poured out his troubles and wept.  Later in the service he brought the homeless man into the church and sat with him.  I'm not sure how it all turned out, but I do know the attention paid, the physical touch, made the man human again and yet made in the image of God.  What was most remarkable was that the young man from our church is a recent widower and father to a baby.  He could have come to church wanting to receive and many would have obliged him.  Instead, He came and poured himself out in the life of another.  Yes, Go to church, you'll find that God is there indeed.

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