Sunday, September 8, 2013

When Life Goes Wrong

Job 13:15
New International Version (NIV)
15 Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him;
    I will surely[a] defend my ways to his face.
I've been working on uploading a song to Youtube, but meeting with obstacles at every turn.  I prayed wondering why I just couldn't get this one right. The almost last straw was when I had to force close the program I was using, at the moment I thought I'd add just one more picture.  Well, not only was that image lost but several others as well.  I wanted to whine like a spoiled toddler over that one, stomping a petulant foot and crying on the inside, because, of course, I only wanted my adult exterior to show.  In the midst of my whining to God, he reminded me of the song I was working on. "Yet Will I Sing," by Audra Lynn, is all about persevering in faith even when God seems not to be looking.  I want to hold onto my faith even if it seems as if I'm getting nothing from it in this life.  Yes, this is my desire, yet I fold with a hard day's work.  God knows.  It's probably why He wanted me to do this song anyway.  
"Yet Will I Sing" - Audra Lynn

Let this be the only love song I write
May You be the only Love in my life
I asked You to draw me, I said I would run
So though I walk through the valley, yet will I trust
I asked You to call me, I said I would come
So though I go up the mountain, yet will I run


Though my song be taken from me
Yet will I sing; yet will I praise You
Though the joy be taken from me
Yet will I laugh; yet will I shout unto You
Though the light be hidden from me
Yet will I walk; yet will I run after You
Though my heart be slain within me
Yet will I trust; yet will I follow You


‘Cause I know whatever You do, You do through the eyes of mercy
And nothing can be added to it, nothing can be taken away
There is a time for every purpose under the heavens
So though my weeping may last for the night
Oh how Your joy, it comes with the light

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